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Susan Mikula fights the future

Susan Mikula’s images defy the shift toward digital photography and relentlessly fight against the impending obsolescence of film photography. By clinging to older Polaroid film cameras -- a favorite being the SX-70 Alpha -- she makes a case against relying on the new technology. The lack of focus in her images points out that sharp focus is not the only way to see the world. It may not always be practical (or especially safe) to see the world as shown in her images, though they make a compelling case against constantly relying on corrective lenses.

In Curve Magazine she said “what’s interesting is that although a lot of people email me things that I'm sure they intend to be mean, they are actually kind of true. I have read, ‘If this is how you see the world that you need glasses.’ And I think, this is how I see the world, and I'm happy with that.” Obviously she is not the only person in the world without perfect vision, but the difference between her and majority of those people is that she exploits it in her work instead feeling burdened by it.

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